Thursday, November 3, 2011

The Loving Hut - Fabulous vegan food

I am always looking for vegetarian and vegan recipes to prepare at home for myself and daughter.  As much as I enjoy cooking, sometimes I like to eat out also.  When I do eat out I don't want to sacrifice quality and freshness.  Recently I've discovered the most wonderful vegan restaurant.  The Loving Hut serves food that is wholesome, fresh, and very delicious.  The following quote was taken directly from their website.

"Loving Hut is created with a vision that all beings can live in peace, love and harmony with each other and the planet. Loving Hut chain restaurants are newly opening around the world. It is an invitation to gourmet cuisine made with wholesome, vegan ingredients, and it offers an accessible starting point for those making the noble transition to a plant-based diet."

The food at Loving Hut is made even more delicious by the beautiful people who work there.  I've never encountered a more loving, generous group of people working in a restaurant setting.  The food is always fresh and delicious, and that nourishes the body.  As if  that were not enough I leave the Loving Hut feeling spiritually nourished by the warmth and love of the staff.  They seem to really understand the value of the mind-body connection.  If you really want to feed people you have to give them more than food. 

As a parent I am concerned about good nutrition for myself and my daughter.  I am also concerned about the quality of life for all sentient beings.  For that reason I have made a conscious choice to abstain from eating meat.  I have been a vegetarian for the past three years.  The vegan food at Loving Hut really appeals to my taste buds and to my conscience.  As yet I have not embraced entirely the vegan diet, but I am certainly consuming fewer and fewer animal products.  Cheese and yogurt are slowly being replaced by the newer plant based alternatives.  Thanks to The Loving Hut it's becoming easier to make the choice.  They have introduced me to wonderful vegan dishes that I might not have encountered had I not tried them there.  The variety of food choices on their menu helps to expand my consciousness to the possibilities that are available.

My favorite dish is the grilled vegetable panini.  It's a sandwich made with sauteed vegetables, vegan cheese, organic mustard and veganaise.  For those who may not know veganaise is a mayonaise like product made without eggs.  The sandwich is served with organic corn chips.  It is very hearty and so delicious!

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